Terms & Conditions

Company Information: Lagos Aviation Training School Limited RC:139631  (referred to below as the "Company” or the “School”) is a registered business in Nigeria and acts as an aviation training, employment and career development institution. The Company provides a range of aviation training programs, program management and career development to its client, the student, through its own services (services offered on the basis of legally contracted to the Company and its subsidiaries and partners) and/or either affiliated and/or outsourced third-party providers. 

Personal Information: By providing your contact details on our website or ad links you agree to be contacted by us or our representatives including but not limited to third parties via phone or email. To provide the candidates/users the necessary assistance, effectively communicate with the users, and to maintain the application, the Company may provide user information to third-party service providers who work on behalf of the Company.

Right Of Admission: The right of admission is reserved with Lagos Aviation Training School Limited. A completed Application Form does not oblige the School to accept the applicant. However, once you have formally registered and the relevant course fees have been paid, a contract is deemed to exist between the Company and the applicant, provided that the Company regulations are observed. 

Discipline: The student is required to meet the academic performance and attendance requirements established by the School and is required to abide by the School’s policies and procedures including but not limited to attendance, dress code, confidentiality, accountability, safety, and rules of conduct. The School reserves the right to expel any student whose behavior is unacceptable, disruptive, or prevents the progression of the course.

Communication: Any notice/information provided on the registered email address would be deemed to have been received by the student. The student must proactively go through all the communication received on the registered email address on a daily basis.

Training Period: The training period will commence from the date of commencement of the course and will end at the completion of the course or termination of training contract or termination of the student on disciplinary grounds.

General Refund Policy: Except as set in these Terms, fees once paid are non-refundable and the obligation of the Company will only be to provide the relevant service for which the fees is paid. Any refund in an exceptional case will be at the sole discretion of the management of the Company and in such cases 25% of the total course fees will be deducted over and above the charges for which the services have been availed and the expenses made by Company on the student.

Program Changes: Program changes are reserved for the Company. In principle, the Company has the right to cancel training/support sessions/lectures without substitution (this includes cancellation due insufficient number of participants). The training/support participants will be punctually informed and will receive back all already paid training fees. Further compensation cannot be claimed.

In case of illness of the trainer/coach or other unforeseen events (accident etc.) that make the use of the specified trainer/coach impossible, the Company is authorized to appoint another qualified trainer/coach for the training/support days concerned or to reschedule the training/support at the earliest possible date.

For training, courses and seminars, the Company has the right to change the content of services should it appear necessary for technical reasons, such as updates, further developments or didactic optimization. The Company shall have the right to exchange lecturers/trainers announced for a specific course or seminar by equally qualified lecturers.

The Company preserves the right to adjust performance dates and locations. The student will be punctually informed.

Price Changes: Price changes in the future are reserved for the Company. Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, prices for services are stipulated in the contract and remain fixed for the duration of the contract. Any changes to the contracted work scope, may result in a price adjustment.

The Company reserves the right to determine the prices of its services. 

Intellectual Property and Rights of Use: For the purposes of our business, the Company uses generally available technical and methodical knowledge, knowledge acquired from other sources, and knowledge that has been further developed by the Company and adapted to special customer relationships.

If specialist and methodical knowledge is taken over from other sources, this is declared in the sense of a quotation, or the owner of the copyright is duly acknowledged. The rights to all work and to all other materials provided by the Company to the Customer shall remain exclusively with the Company to the extent permitted by applicable law. To the extent that the Company utilizes any third party material for the performance of its services, the affected part of the services shall be subject to the conditions of use stipulated by the relevant third party.

Any training material provided by the Company shall only be used for the purpose of education and training of the students, and shall not be forwarded or otherwise be made available by students to third parties.

The Company claims the copyright on all its own documents, regardless of whether a corresponding copyright notice is attached to the document concerned.

The Company or any other party’s notices, brands or trademarks shall not be removed by students from any documents or materials provided by the Company.


Confidentiality and Data Protection: The Company treats all company and personal data it receives in connection with its activities or that it generates through its activities, in complete confidence. The Company does not pass these on to third parties except as set out in these Terms and where required and to the extent necessary to provide any of the services.

The Company treats personal data with the utmost care. When individual personal reports are made on individual members of an organization, the Company considers those individuals the sole beneficiaries of that information. The Company will use the personal information Students provide to ACS Aviation in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Termination Without affecting any other right or remedy available to it (including any right to terminate a student’s attendance on a course which is set out elsewhere in these Terms), the Company reserves the right to terminate the Student’s enrolment should the student violate any or all of these Terms and that student will not be entitled to any refund of course fees or other monies paid to the Company.

Enrolment may be terminated by the Company, if it at its sole discretion considers the Student’s competencies, aptitude or character unsuitable for further training or if the Student:

(a)    fails to make themselves available for scheduled training without good reason;

(b)    demonstrates unsatisfactory progress due to failure in applying him/herself;

(c)    does not complete study assignments;

(d)    is tardy or absent;

(e)    displays improper or irresponsible behaviour;

(f)    is in any way incapacitated or unable to maintain a medical certificate; or

(g)    displays any difficulties with communicating in English.

Marketing: If reasonably required by the Company, the Student shall participate in such reasonable marketing activities as may be directed by the Company from time to time.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These Terms, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with Nigerian law.