A fee-based business model is essential for travel agencies and significantly enhances their profitability. In this course you will learn the general trends and best practices in the implementation or setting of agency fees, the various types of fees collected by travel agencies, and the best way to communicate them to customers. This course also explains the evolution in the role of the travel agent, the airline industry business model, and the role of the travel customer. Additionally, it communicates complex information, such as how to compute, market, explain, defend, and ultimately charge transaction fees, and will prepare you for this course examination.

What You Will Learn
  • Explain the changing environment of the airline industry and travel consumer
  • Define sales cycles and utilize them to their advantage
  • Convey the importance of attitude within the workplace
  • Describe the revenue, merchant, and consultant models
  • Build an agency environment suitable to the implementation of service fees
  • Calculate costs and ROI associated with providing services
  • Differentiate between costs associated with corporate and leisure travel
  • Determine key revenue generators, and how they contribute to increasing the bottom-line
  • Explain the benefit of IATA's TASF solution
Course Content
  • Evolving airline and travel consumer environment
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Sales cycles and agency culture
  • Revenue, merchant, and consultant models
  • Cost structures, calculation and ROI
  • Time Management
  • Pricing, fees, and revenue generation
  • Packaging and value-added service
  • IATA's BSP and TASF systems
Who Should Attend
  • Travel industry entrepreneurs
  • Travel agency employees and managers
  • Airline ticketing agents and managers
  • Air fares and ticketing specialists
Weekday Classes
  • Starting:   December 7, 2020
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Time: 9AM - 3PM
  • Venue: 29, Toyin Street, Ikeja
Course Fee
  • Tuition: N20,000
  • Exam registration: $200

Self Study

  • Tuition: N10,000
  • Exam registration: $200
  • Learners must have basic computer skills before embarking on this course.
Certificates Awarded
  • LAA Certificate of Participation
  • Internationally recognized e-Certificate from IATA available for you to print for your records (Upon successful completion of the IATA examination)